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Melodi Coda Laine

Developmental Editing & 
Story Editing Services


Writing a story is no easy feat. Yes, it's adrenaline-inducing and exciting.
But it's also complicated and emotional giving a part of your own life when bringing a story to life.


Amidst the chaos, it's natural to overlook subtle flaws or miss out on transformative ideas that could enrich your story.

The editing of these flaws and the introduction of new ideas will make and elevate your story. That's where I come in:

As a developmental editor, my mission is simple. I am here to help you sculpt and refine your story into its finest form.

Whether it's fleshing out characters, fine-tuning plot points, or polishing dialogue, I work tirelessly to ensure your narrative in unforgettable.

Together, let's embark on a journey of transformation, where your story evolves into something truly extraordinary.



Hi, there! I'm Melodi Coda Laine—a writer, developmental/story editor fueled by an insatiable love for storytelling. As a girl, I was enchanted by the magic of fictional accounts that whisked me away to new worlds and evoked a myriad of emotions.

Two shows hold a special place in my heart for doing just that: "Psych" and "Monk." While "Psych" (2006-2014) never gets old and still makes me laugh, "Monk" (2002-2009) reigns supreme in my eyes as the epitome of episodic television brilliance. 

Of course, I love experiencing stories though music and songs, movies, and books. When it comes to reading, memoirs are my most-read genre, but I love discovering new worlds of fantasy and feeling the heartbreak in a love story.

I bring my love and passion for stories to each project I work on. I have a devotion for helping writers shape their narratives into unforgettable works of art. With a bachelor's degree in creative writing, I'm armed with the knowledge and expertise to guide you in developing an unforgettable story.

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The stories we bring to life are extensions of ourselves. We love them dearly and don't want anything to happen to them. We might see our stories as a metaphorical child and never want them to grow up, but it's necessary—just as developing, growing, and maturing our stories is.

That said, my clients are those who respond well to feedback and constructive criticism. They should be ready to dive into collaborative work and can afford the time to revise and edit and revise and edit again. Additionally, my clients can afford the time to wait for feedback. Due to demand and the fact that I am providing the greatest detail in my feedback as possible, time is needed.

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under 40K words:


over 40K words:



under 30 pages:


over 30 pages:



For manuscripts:

If your manuscript is under 40 thousand words, it will be approximately $0.035 per word with a turnaround time of about 8 business days. If your manuscript is over 40 thousand words, it will start at $600 with a turnaround time of about 15 business days.

*A 60 minute collaborative call is included in the price

For screenplays:

If your screenplay is under 30 pages, it will be approximately $55 with a turnaround time of about 5 business days. If your screenplay is over 30 pages, it will be $2 per page with a turnaround time of about 10 business days.

*A 60 minute collaborative call is included in the price



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Subject: Story Editing / Developmental Editing Service requested by NAME


  • The page count (for screenplays) / The word count (for manuscripts)

  • A short synopsis of your story

  • A detailed and short explanation of the goal of your story: who is your target audience? what are you trying to convey to them with your story?

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